December 5, 2017

To our valued customers and partners, It’s barely December, but we are getting a head start on the new year over here at IPitimi.
We recently completed the acquisition of certain intellectual property assets, which include the Trademark of the former, multibillion- dollar telecom company, Teligent.

We have decided to change our name moving forward to TeligentIP. The “Teligent” name gives us a clearer path to reach specific vertical markets with the inventions and intellectual property we have developed such as TeligentSMS as well as some of our unique TeligentUC and Call Center offerings.

This is an exciting time for our company. We will continue to provide thought leadership and introduce new technology to the messaging and collaboration space. Our innovative approach to this industry has proven to give our customers and partners true competitive and operational advantages. It has allowed us to serve a diverse range of customers in nearly 20 countries around the world that vary in size from small non-profits to large publicly traded enterprise companies.

Other than the name change, this is 100% the same company with the same ownership, and more importantly, the same team that works hard every day to listen to your requirements and meets your individual needs. We look forward to the new year ahead and the prospect of continued successful collaboration with your team and thank you for your continued support.

There will be no disruption to existing URLs or services, however our new online home is 1-855-474-8464 Sincerely,

Greg Nielsen